It will likely take several days for the area around the site of Wednesday’s train derailment in Lynchburg to return to normal.

There are several businesses at the bottom of Ninth Street that are cut off because of the ongoing clean up.

On Wednesday we told you about the Depot Grille restaurant, which is right next to the crash site. There's also a children's museum across the street. Both were closed Thursday.

Families with small children were enjoying a fun day at Lynchburg's Amazement Square on Wednesday when a train crashed right outside the front door.

"Fortunately the staff noticed it right away. They were very quick about getting everyone together and doing the evacuation process that we have," said Mort Sajadian, president of Amazement Square.

Sajadian, says his staff had just revised its evacuation plans a few days ago.
"This certainly was a real test. They did a very nice job. Everyone was out of the building within five minutes," Sajadian said.

Amazement Square and the nearby neighborhood will likely remain closed for several days.

Although much of the train wreckage has been removed, there is still a lot of work to be done.

As of Thursday afternoon, three train cars remained lodged in the James River.

Lynchburg City Manager Kimball Payne says CSX is moving quickly to restore the rail line.

"I think it's certainly in CSX's business interest to get that rail line back in service as quickly as possible, which will help us," Payne said.

Businesses like Amazement Square and Depot Grille will lose several days of revenue while the clean-up continues.

Sajadian says C-S-X is offering financial assistance.

“They've already talked to our operations director and given us specific forms for financial losses. They are very professional. I have to commend them for that,” Sajadian said.