Aaryn and Kaitlin are once again on the block. Is this a repeat of last week? I say yes! Aaryn is mad Judd called her a Texan tornado that twist words. She fears she looked bad to the house. Well... he does have a point. She cries to King Judd and he tells her not to worry. He confesses that he is going to backdoor someone else. She is pawn. Howbeit, he plans on voting her out.

Kaitlin worries if Aaryn wins veto that she will go home. Amanda console the girls. Her mission this week is to backdoor Howard and gain trust from Kaitlin and Aaryn.

MVP Who??

Elissa freaks out that she isn’t MVP. Around the same time, every week, Elissa gets notified she won MVP. But, Elissa has heard nothing. She causes people to feel uncomfortable as she squirms around. Elissa fears that if she is not MVP then she is going up as the nominee. Her one use to the alliance was her MVP nomination so she is useless without it this week.

Spencer and Howard talk about revitalizing the Moving Company. They see Helen, McCrae, Elissa and Amanda in an alliance. The two wants to get the outside of the house to form together to get rid of that group. Spencer, Howard, Judd, Kaitlin and GinaMarie speculate the rest of the game. The HOH group forms an alliance mainly to get rid of Amanda. Howard says even blind people can see that Amanda runs the house.

Howard gives an inspirational speech about numbers in the game. It is like grasshoppers and ants. Grasshoppers are scared of ants because ants have numbers. If the ants knew they had the numbers they could rise against the grasshopper. Umm what??? So as humans should I worry about insects rising against mankind?? Well Spiders are scary! But seriously, his speech didn’t make sense. nonetheless it was effective as the group solidified.

Helen guesses correctly that America is this week's MVP. Jessies, Candice and Andy are scared that America would nominate them.

The house comes together to pick players for the veto competition. But, before that the third nominee is revealed. Elissa is nominated and she is stunned. She feels betrayed because she spent so much time building friendships in the house. The whole house is blown away. The players for the veto are Helen, McCrae, Elissa, Judd, Aaryn, and Kaitlin.

With Elissa up as the third nominee, Aaryn feels that she has a bigger target on her back. She talks with Amanda to try to clean her name. Basically, she went to the mouth of the house so Amanda could tell everyone Aaryn is not MVP. Aaryn actually thinks Elissa put herself up. Amanda has thought that as well.

The whole house whispers around about Elissa. The consensus is that Elissa put herself up. Why? There is nothing to support this!!! But their reasons is that this causes everyone to fight everyone else in the house. Ohhh added tension in the house.. because Elissa is such a drama-starter. Well, I could say that innocently but I know how the rest of this week plays out (spoilers).

Elissa goes mental. GinaMarie goes in for a hug and she denies it. Elissa tries to think about the whole MVP nom in another room. GM follows her to ask her if she is mad at her. Elissa asks her if GM is MVP and GinaMarie denies the claims.

Elissa wants to leave the game. Candice gives her a pep talk. Rachel, her sister, was up every week and won the game. Therefore, Elissa can do it as well. Elissa has been nominated 3 out of the 4 weeks.

Veto Competition

The house walks outside to see the backyard set as a ‘veto election.’ In this competition, competitors will race in a mud pit to find ballots. Each ballot has a number. The person with the highest combination of 4 ballots wins. Some high numbered ballots have rewards and punishments.

The booths are open and the house is off. Most people want to win this veto. Helen wants to win it for Elissa. McCrae won 5k so he doesn’t care anymore. Aaryn tries not to get her face muddy. Without her pretty face she is useless. Judd locks in a 24 hour solitary confinement ballot. Elissa locks in a ballot that prevents her from competing in next week’s veto competition.

The votes are in

Helen 29 votes - 8pm curfew for two nights
Kaitlin 25 votes
McCrae 20 votes - won 5 thousand
Aaryn 32 votes
Judd 38 votes - 24 hour confinement
Elissa 40 votes - sit out next veto competition

Elissa wins the election and veto. Now the house scrambles. Since she was the MVP nomination, who will be put up?

The Risks... The Rewards???

Judd is sentenced to his 24 hour confinement. Every 9 minutes an alarm clock sounds off for 24 hours. Yikes. He actually attempted to hit the snooze button every 9 minutes. I would have tried to sleep through the noise. Helen has to go to bed at 8pm. She feels like her children who make up any excuse to stay up.

It is McCrae’s 24th birthday. Amanda decides to dress up in a provocative outfit. Elissa straights up insults the girl. Who buys one-pieces this day? Amanda says she got it from Goodwill. Elissa responds with, ‘obviously’. The gang ties McCrae up for Amanda’s reveal. She burst into the room and gives her lover a birthday spanking. Elissa cracks more jokes at Amanda’s expense and she can not take it. Amanda leaves the group to cry. It looks like a crack in the alliance between Amanda and Elissa.

Judd is finally free; he missed a lot. He receives a warm welcome back to the house.

Elissa takes herself off the block and the replacement nominee is.... GinaMarie.

I really want to know how the breakdown of America’s votes went down. I told people that Elissa went up because all of her fans voted for Aaryn. Since she was already nominated, it went to the second or third highest vote getter. This happened to be Elissa. She might be the first person to win all of America’s votes, good and bad, in Big Brother history. Basically, this whole week was for America to vote out Aaryn but it backfired by putting America’s favorite up. Luckily, Elissa protected herself while The Plastics are up, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin. #MeanGirls

Big Brother 15's Mean Girls