Candidates for governor campaign in Buena Vista

POSTED: 01:03 PM EDT Sep 02, 2013    UPDATED: 01:06 PM EDT Sep 02, 2013 

The candidates for governor took the stage at the annual Labor Day parade in Buena Vista on Monday and gave their reasons on why they should be elected.

Some candidates participated in a morning breakfast with supporters before walking in the parade.

There was one topic of discussion that came to the forefront, and that was one of building a stronger economy.

WDBJ7's Frankie Jupiter asked each candidate about their travels through the commonwealth and they say voters are concerned about jobs.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe said, "People are hurting and they are looking for a governor who's going to work on a bipartisan mainstream way, That's why so many republicans have endorsed my candidacy."

Republican Ken Cuccinelli said, "It's a great deal of uncertainty out there across Virginia, everywhere in Virginia about the economy. I'm the only candidate that's put forth a really detailed plan about to get our economy going faster."

And the Libertarian Candidate Robert Sarvis said, " Of course everybody is very concerned about the economy and the need for jobs, we need to get back to work and I'm the only person with an economics background. "

The candidates say this election is all about turnout, so knocking on door and reaching voters is key.