Endorsements were front and center Monday in the Virginia Governor's race.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli campaigned with Florida Senator Marco Rubio in Richmond Monday afternoon, and he touted an endorsement from the political action committee of the Northern Virginia Technology Council.

McAuliffe was set to receive the endorsement of a Republican mayor, Will Sessoms of Virginia Beach, on Tuesday.

Generating the most headlines was an endorsement that both candidates wanted, the nod from the Northern Virginia Technology Council TechPAC.  Cuccinelli got it. And The Washington Post reported Monday the McAuliffe campaign worked hard to reverse the decision over the weekend.

Harry Wilson is WDBJ7's Senior Political Analyst. "The question would be how much of a difference is that going to make in northern Virginia," Wilson said in an interview, "but it certainly doesn't hurt to get it. Again you'd much rather get any of those endorsements than not get those endorsements."

Not only did leading Democrats urge members of the group to reconsider, but the newspaper reported at least one leader of the group received a call from Republican Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.

Monday afternoon, a spokesperson for Bolling said the Lieutenant Governor had no comment on the reports. She said Bolling "has not endorsed any candidates, and he currently has no intention of doing so."

"It would be a coup for the McAuliffe campaign if there was a public endorsement," said WDBJ7 Political Analyst Bob Denton, "but this is almost as good, because it shows support there. And in a way those who like Bolling and thought he might not have been treated fairly, it gives them the rationale to support McAuliffe and not to stay home."

Both candidates wanted the endorsement of the technology council to bolster their business credentials.  Late Monday afternoon, the Cuccinelli campaign issued a release labeling McAuliffe "a bully" for trying to reverse it.

Precisely how important it will prove to be, however, is now a subject of debate between the two campaigns.