There has been no shortage of winter weather on the east coast. Snow storms and icy conditions have been frequent and car dealers say it's bad for business.

“I think buying a car is the last thing on people's minds when it's snowing. They just want to get to point A to point B safely or they want to get to the grocery store,” said Magic City Ford President Cameron Johnson.

The months of January and February in our area brought forth record breaking low temperatures and snowfall.

Heading into the new year, car dealerships such as Magic City Ford in Roanoke, order vehicles in anticipation of selling in high volume.

“Nationally we can't slow down the plant, even though we might have snow on the east coast, they're still producing the car that we already ordered,” said Johnson.

They're producing vehicles for already filled spots on car lots, which cause concerns for dealers.

“I think we're still confident that year is going to be a good year, but it's definitely been a shaky start. Every time we have to fight a snowstorm, that sets us back a few days," said Johnson.

Magic City has 650 vehicles in stock. The hope is that the skies will stay clear so car buyers can focus on a new set of wheels.