You may have noticed more men growing mustaches this month. It's part of the Movember movement.

Men are encouraged to grow mustaches to bring awareness to and raise money for men's health causes. Prostate and testicular cancer are the two main causes the movement was founded to fight, but a local doctor thinks that's just a starting point.

Dr. Mark Greenawald appeared on WDBJ7 Mornin' Friday. He talked about a common problem among men - an unwillingness to go to the doctor. Dr. Greenawald hopes that the awareness Movember brings to men's health will encourage more men to see a physician for check-ups.

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Dr. Greenawald has nine elements to his core message about men's health. He addressed several of them during the interview on WDBJ7 Mornin', but here's the complete list:

Time to Man Up!

- Have a physician

- Make a visit!

- Know your numbers (blood pressure, BMI, lipids)

- Plan your tests

- Have a goal

- Care for your body

- Have some friends

- Find an outlet

- Love your Life!