A teacher in Carroll County is learning first hand what it takes to publish a children's book.

WDBJ7 New River Valley reporter Orlando Salinas drove to Hillsville to share her story.

Sitting in the middle of a long art table inside Carroll County High School, Freda Cole, an old friend, explained that a parrot and a boy both learn lessons in the story.

"My sister really pulls that out. Parrots stay with their families forever," Cole said.

I usually learn something from every story I report and Freda Cole taught me something new Tuesday. The Carroll County High School art teacher can now add children's book illustrator to her resume.

"Bella's Perfect Home" is a 24 page book that she and her sister have self-published.

"This is of course a young boy that has rescued a parrot and it's how the little boy has to let the parrot go back to his family and it's really an education for people who want to have parrots as pets. It's a lifetime commitment."

There's also a story here about stepping out and trying something new. Freda says the process took a year and a half
and her husband Mike was behind her the whole time.

Cole's been teaching art for 12 years now, but putting her skills in a book for everyone else to see, that's a different animal.

High school senior Sarah Randall said her teachers artwork and new book are inspiring.

"I remember watching [Mrs. Cole] paint some with the class too and I enjoyed watching that and the book itself looks amazing. Like I feel when I look at it, I want to try some of the techniques and the artwork as well."

Fellow teachers have bought their own copies and now it's a waiting game. The first 100 copies have sold out, they're gone. A second printing is on its way. The book costs 30 dollars.