It's certainly an interesting idea to wrap your paws around, but it's one the Lyric Theater is putting a lot of stock in.

"It's just fun," Executive Director Susan Mattingly said.

The festival began in Minneapolis, Minnesota back in the summer of 2012.  An astounding 12,000 people came.

Since then, it's really caught on.  The show has traveled from Minneapolis all the way across the Atlantic to Israel, and now it's coming to Blacksburg.

"We're hoping for pretty big crowds, it's sort of unpredictable, but it has really grabbed a lot of peoples imagination, we have a lot of buzz going on in the community about it," Mattingly said.

The festival is literally a group of people coming in and watching various clips of cats and kittens doing funny things.

If you go, you're encouraged to dress up as a cat.

The festival is today and Saturday. Today, because it's a reading day for students at Virginia Tech, and Mattingly thinks this would be a popular study break alternative.  The showing Saturday is part of the Lyric's weekly midnight offering.

Today's show begins at 2 p.m. Tickets are $5.