Social media is flooded with people doing the ice bucket challenge, but Catholics are being told to be careful where they're sending their money.

The Catholic Diocese of Richmond sent a letter to 29 Catholic schools, some here in our area.

The same letter will also be sent out to 146 parishes Tuesday.

The letter says that while leaders support raising awareness for Lou Gehrigs disease, they do not support the ALS Association.

That's because this association makes use of embryonic stem cell research, where cells are taken from a four to five day old embryo.

And to some people, the destruction of this embryo is equivalent to abortion.

"Our goal is to make sure that anyone in the future who does these ice bucket challenges, not send their funds to something that would in fact be unethical or immoral which would be the destruction of human life," says Diane Snider of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.

Snider says the problem isn't taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge but where the money is going.

The Diocese encourages and supports adult stem cell research, and argues it's more effective, and ethical.

There are research organizations that you can donate to, which do not use embyronic stem cell research.