A number of students at Cave Spring High School had a rough start to their school day on Monday.

According to the Roanoke County Police Department, 20-year-old Danial Wayne Buckner of Franklin County and 18-year-old Jefferson Cody Elliott of Southwest Roanoke County were killed Monday morning when the car they were riding in hit a telephone pole, flipped and landed upside down in someone’s front yard.

Students said word traveled around fast about the crash and it made it hard to get through the school day.

"It's just scary,” said senior Mejra Colic. “It's a scary feeling. You just get a feeling in your stomach. You just feel bad."

The two didn't go to Cave Spring, but students said the accident hit too close to home.

"My parents are shocked too,” said Colic. “They're like you could have been in that car. You could have been the one flipping over easily. Everyone drives down these roads. You have to get to school."

Very few details have been released about the other two people who were in the car, but students expect another quiet day.

"Not much was talked about,” said freshman Mirnes Sabnija. “Everyone was sad. A bunch of people cried in my first period class and people didn't talk about it much."