If you stepped into downtown Bedford, the aroma of food hit you and the sights of crowds greeted you.

The streets were packed with those attending the Centerfest Street Festival.

“This is our first time at the Centerfest. We've lived in Bedford County for a number of years. We've heard about it and never been out,” said attendee Jeff Dauer. “We read about it in the paper this week and were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary; we said let's get out and do a little bit more of the home town.”

The Dauer's weren't the only family enjoying the festival for the first time. Whether it was your first time or your annual tradition there was something for everyone.

“Probably the rides, I want to do them really bad so, we're about to go and see the rides,” said attendee, Keely Barkovich.
“You can never have enough knickknack for the home, you got to come out and find something right," said Dauer.

There were dozens of vendors, featuring arts and crafts. Storefronts left their doors open for business, and if you wanted a haircut, barbers were cutting on the spot.

Hot dogs with the right amount of toppings seemed to draw a crowd. It even interested the taste buds of those new to the states.

Jana Eiting is an exchange student from Munich, Germany. She was shown some of Bedford's best.

“There's so many typical American vendors and people selling things to help others, getting that across to people from other countries, I think it's really fun,” said attendee, Sue Cox.