A major employer is trying to fill jobs, and they're looking for candidates in our region.

The University of Virginia Health System is recruiting for dozens of open positions at an event Monday in Lynchburg.

Leaders of the organization say they are mainly looking for experienced nurses, but they are talking to people about a number of other positions as well.

This event was organized in response to layoffs at Centra. The Lynchburg-based health organization announced August 28 that it's cutting 163 workers, mainly at Virginia Baptist Hospital.

UVA is hoping to recruit some of those skilled workers who are losing their jobs. They're also trying to take advantage of the large pool of college students here in the city.

"We have a number of positions that are open and I would be optimistic and hope that we would fill every single one of them," said Kenneth Allmon, a nurse manager for UVA Health System. "I know that realistically we won't, but we're down here trying to find a good match for those positions."

Walk-Ins are welcome at the event. You don't need an appointment to get an interview.

Job offers won't be made on-site Monday, but some of the people screened will be invited to Charlottesville for a formal interview.

Monday's recruitment event is at Schewel Hall on the Lynchburg College campus. It runs until 6 p.m.