Changes are coming to an intersection some people say is too dangerous; the area right in front of Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

This, after a car hit and killed a cancer doctor in December.

It was rainy the night Dr. Jerry Schertz was hit and killed.

The driver had a green light, but the City of Roanoke has determined that the area can be safer.

Pretty soon, the city will begin adding push buttons and pedestrian lights.

I'm told officials at Roanoke Memorial Hospital have pushed to make the area safer.

Police say the number of car accidents and struck pedestrians in this area is relatively low, but many people who work here say it's dangerous.

The city will be adding exactly 14 of these pedestrian lights to the intersections in the area in front of the hospital.

Doctor Schertz's wife Denise was very outspoken about how unsafe she felt this area was. She says this is a step in the right direction.

Schertz says she wants a pedestrian bridge, but she said it doesn't sound like that's going to happen.

The main point she wants to hammer home for drivers is to always remember to yield to pedestrians no matter the circumstance.