This is a face lift for the famous road course.

This week a paving company is tearing up this area known as the North Paddock. It is where the drivers and their crews park haulers. The majority of the area is gravel, track leaders plan to make it one large paved area.

That's one of four projects happening during off season here at the track.

The entire, nearly three and a half mile track is getting repaved and parts of it are going to be widened. That allows drivers to pass easier in tight spaces.

Lastly, the start/finish line is getting a new home closer to the end of pit road. Right now it's in an area where viewers can't see the line.

"We have some inconsistencies with the track and as you start having faster cars and bigger cars and stronger series coming in to play at your track, it's one of those things is we have an opportunity right now to make just a few subtle changes that are not going to change VIR as its character," said Karrigan Smith, the director of track operations at VIR.

This comes as the track adds more races and gets more attention among NASCAR and racing fans.

The paving crew working on the project is out of Halifax County and owned by a guy who drives the track regularly.

Track leaders say that alone will enhance the driving experience.