After months of preparations, Chaos Mountain Brewing is open for business. On Saturday people came from as far away as North Carolina for the opening.

“I think our community is exceedingly proud. People came in and were like really this is beautiful,” said owner Wendy Hallock.

The brewery occupies around 20,000 square feet, and owners estimated around 700 people attended its grand opening.

“It was non-stop. From the time that we opened up and people stated coming in, we were a constant flow of in and out all day long,” said owner Joe Hallock.

On Monday morning the brewery was working on another batch. Owners say some of the beer sold faster than they had expected.

“To have that many people come out to the brewery for the first day was, it was a great feeling just to know that there is definitely a demand there,” said Joe Hallock.

“I think people love to embrace local. I think there is a great market for craft beers in general and people like trying new things,” Wendy Hallock.

Six beers were on tap. They are hoping to add two more within the next week. Chaos Mountain already started to distribute beer at some local stores and hopes to expand into nearby cities soon.