Every month Jason May drives through Pittsylvania County and Danville on route 29.

"I've been doing it since 1997," May said.

He's been through the traffic congestion in Charlottesville more than he'd like and has heard on off hours it's supposed to be a five minute drive through the city.

"Being as congested as it is, it could take you up to 40 minutes just to get through it. And during certain times. Like rush hour, people getting off work," May said.

That makes him late when he arrives in Danville. Businesses don't like late.
Now he's tired of using the "stuck in traffic" excuse.

He's not alone. Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders has been in that traffic too and says industries in Danville are noticing the late deliveries.

"We're trying to speed up the transportation around the Charlottesville area safely of course, to bring goods and services to our city, to our county and to our region to provide more jobs for our people," Saunders said.

Saunders is on a state transportation committee that has less than 50 days to come up with an alternative to the Route 29 bypass project near Charlottesville.

The Western Bypass project was essentially halted last month when the Federal Highway Administration shot down the project.

Now the committee is brainstorming new alternatives to ease the traffic through Albemarle County and in turn, help business flow more than a hundred miles away in Danville.

Saundes says Danville should care about what's happening in Charlottesville because it directly effects jobs and businesses in the area.

If there's no congestion there then there is faster work here.

"Time is money. And we're trying to bring some of that money to Danville and Pittsylvania County and we can do that with a very improved highway," Saunders said.

He plans to keep Danville's concerns in the discussion when committee meets Thursday.