Purple ribbons on the tree out front are the only give away that something special is happening at the Day's Botetourt County home..

It's inside, in the downstairs den, where the transformation is the most noticeable.
This play room is now a work room!

The Day sisters have been busy collecting toys.

"We put them in a box, count 'em, tape 'em up," explains Savannah's older sister Sierra.
"(We) stack 'em in our giant pile," adds Savannah.
"We put the box number and how many's in it," finishes Sierra explaining the process.

The gifts the girls are talking about aren't for them, but for kids who will be spending Christmas in the hospital.

"I think everyone wants to give back because they don't see a kid that's 14 raising toys for other sick kids," explains Sierra.

Savannah is one of those kids.
The Read Mountain Middle School 8th grader is scheduled for brain surgery at the Cincinnati Children's hospital next week.
When doctors told her family that meant she'd be there for Christmas, the 14-year-old sprung into action.

"They were told they would be at the hospital for Christmas and in their heads- they weren't going to have a Christmas. And, so they decided everyone else wasn't going to have a Christmas and they wanted to take it to them," explains mom Michelle Day.

That's when the Cheer 4 Savannah toy drive was born.
And, people have responded and then some!

"Over 2-thousand," Savannah says smiling.
When asked if she's surprised about the number of donations: "Yeah. I thought we were only going to get a little over 500," she answers.

While 500 was the initial goal, the girls are now hoping to have 3-thousand toys when they leave for Ohio next week.
And, the family says what started as a one-time thing will now becoming a yearly event to collect toys for those who need them the most.

Cheer 4 Savannah is collecting toys until Friday, December 6th.
You can drop off toys at the K92 radio studios, Bank of Fincastle locations and the Carmike movie theater.

If you'd like to learn more about Savannah's story or keep up with her journey, visit her facebook page.