Chocolate Balloon Cups by Richard McHone


1 pound candy chocolate (tempered chocolate)

1 pack water bomb balloons

Start by melting the candy chocolate (you don’t want to use baking chocolate because it gets soft and your bowls might not hold their shape).

Set the chocolate aside to cool a little to the touch.

While the chocolate is cooling blow up the balloons to the size you desire and tie them off (some balloons may pop or bowls may break so make a few extra).

Take a spoon and make a small base of chocolate for you bowl on a baking sheet or parchment paper.

Hold the balloon by the knot and slowly dip them into tempered chocolate to the depth you want the bowl to be.

Gently remove it from the chocolate and put it on a prepared baking sheet (parchment paper)

Let the balloon set until the chocolate tempers.  You can refrigerate to ensure the chocolate is hard.

To get balloons out press against the sides gently breaking the seal between the balloon and the chocolate. Cut a slit and remove the air slowly.  If you pop the balloon your bowl could break.

Simple Mousse:
1 Package prepared pudding mix ( any flavor)
1 Small container of Cool Whip Topping

Fold these two into each other and refrigerate.