Wednesday's 60-degree weather is a far cry from the snow coming down a week ago.

But one crew in Roanoke City is still hard at work removing snow.

If you live in a neighborhood, you're responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of your property, even though it's in the city's right of way.

But for all the sidewalks in non-residential areas in all of Roanoke, it's up to three men on All Terrain Vehicles.

These three men have worked non-stop since the snow started falling.

They usually work in tandem like they were today. Their primary goal was to clear the sidewalks in downtown Roanoke first, and they say they're making good progress on the periphery.

It's a long process that's made even tougher because the plows clearing the roads usually push that snow onto sidewalks.

Jerry Bohannon
Roanoke City Public Works

"The plow drivers are doing their job, they're getting the roads cleared so people can get around. Our job obviously is to clear the sidewalks. We're working against each other, there's no happy medium there," said Jerry Bohannon, one of the men on those ATVs.

There's no ill will between the road plow crews and the sidewalk guys.

They did say these 60 degree days obviously make their job a lot easier.