City of Roanoke wants ideas from the public on the downtown district

POSTED: 06:36 AM EST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 11:45 PM EDT Sep 11, 2013 
City looks for help from the public on changes for downtown district

Roanoke is looking for help from the public when it comes to bringing changes to the downtown district.

The city of Roanke and Downtown Roanoke Incorporated joined forces to hold a public forum Wednesday.

Organizers want to hear from residents and business owners on what they would like to see different downtown.

The sessions are just the beginning to a long term plan.

"This plan is different from a lot of our plans because you have so many different stakeholders," said Frederick Gusler. "We now have a lot more downtown residents."

Gusler is the senior planner for Roanoke's Planning Building and Development department.

Gusler said there's about 1,300 people living in downtown Roanoke now. He said there was about 100 residents in 2002.

Two more public information sessions are scheduled. The next one is on October 25.