Mutts are invading the Westminster Dog Show next week!

The pure-breed only event will now allow more than a dozen mixed-breed dogs into a brand new agility competition on Saturday.

Here in Southwest Virginia, classes and trials for the sport have grown immensely.

At Field of Dreams in Vinton, you can find doggy day care, puppy manners, pet manners and dog agility courses which have become just so popular over recent years.

"I've seen a huge increase I think people a lot of it on tv now with the Outdoor network and things like that. Everybody's seeing how much fun they're having with their dogs and they want to do the same thing," said owner Karen Hough.

To get an idea of what a class is like, Karen showed me and my dog Sophie some basic moves. First Sophie had to go through a tunnel to get a treat.

Next, we tried the table, where during competition a dog must jump up, lay down for a few seconds and then continue on the course.

It's a great outlet both mentally and physically for dogs that have a lot of energy or have to spend a lot of time indoors if their owners are at work.

Advocates say classes like one at Star City K9 I went to builds confidence in you and your dog and deepens your relationship.

And who knows, you may have a hidden champion with untapped potential.