It's not just homeowners mopping up after recent flooding.

About a dozen trucks were outside the Advanced Auto Offices at Crossroads Mall Saturday morning.

The parking lot there filled with high water earlier this week when heavy rains pushed their way through the area.

An Advanced Auto spokeswoman tells WDBJ7 crews came in Saturday to remove flood damaged carpets while the offices were empty.

Servpro, which does fire and water clean-up, says with all this rain, it has been busy.

"We called in our storm team assistance and other franchise come into our area and help us out. I think we've got 6 to 8 other franchise in the area helping to take care of customers at this time," explains Servpro President Quinn Mongan.

Servpro says it has been dealing with flooded basement, sewer back-ups and overloaded sump-pumps because of the heavy rains.

To keep your home safe from damage, it suggests you make sure the land around your home slopes away from the structure and that gutters and down-spouts are open and clear, so that the water won't back up.