GILES CO., Va. -

Forecasters say Southwest Virginia still has several more weeks of Winter to get through but lots of drivers are feeling the immediate effects of all this cold weather.

Last winter and this winter have been completely different. This year our region has had big snows, big freezes and big potholes too.

We found a Virginia Department of Transportation road repair crew in Giles County Thursday afternoon. Dumping out its last bucket of cold patch asphalt on a skinny stretch of Route 42 in Whitegate, but crew leader John Guslar, said the cold patch is not a fix for good.

"Like I said it's temporary. That [cold patch] may stay in there a day, may stay a week, might stay two or three. Depends on your traffic.''

Water's a funny thing; when it collects under asphalt and then freezes in the Winter, it expands then cracks through the road and that's how potholes are born to damage your car.

Dave Reynolds with South Main Auto Repair, said he's seen lots of car owners coming in and blaming potholes for the damages.

"[Potholes] bend the wheels, they bust tires. The control arm gets bent cause this is one of the weakest parts. You hit a good size pothole, this part of it gets beat."

VDOT's Guslar says cold patch asphalt is just about the only pothole solution in the middle of winter. Hot asphalt is a waste of time.

"Asphalt they make when it's hot. It's got to be kept hot. If you dropped it in that truck bed by the time you get here, it'd be so hard, you couldn't get it out."

Cold patch on the other hand, is warmed to about 60 degrees and then poured out of the bucket and into the pothole.

If there's one thing folks complain about, it's potholes, but first they complain about not enough snow plows.

Guslar said VDOT crews work as fast as they can to patch the potholes, but if there's snow "the plows may take [the cold patch asphalt] right back out."