People in Roanoke are helping complete strangers survive the low temperatures.

Catina Wright decided she wasn’t going to let the cold weather take over our region.

The Smith Mountain Lake real estate agent candidly admitted that she had lived out of her car at one point in her life.

She said she knew she was going to do all she could to help those living on the streets when the polar vortex came to Virginia.

Wright and her fiancé spent the first few nights handing out coats and blankets. Wright said they quickly realized there was a high demand and not enough supplies so she turned to social media.

After a brief post on Facebook, dozens of complete strangers started calling her to join in on the effort. Locals have taken time out of their work weeks to donate scarves, gloves, hats, coats and blankets.

Wright, along with a few others, have been driving until 4 am to hand deliver them to those in need.

Wright said she couldn't believe how many people were left stranded in the cold without proper clothing and necessities.

"It was bigger than what I thought,” she said. “I thought we would reach a handful of people and it's a little bit worse than what I thought."

Wright said she's handed out nearly 500 coats and items of clothing. In addition to clothing, she's transported a number of people to local rescue missions to help them find shelter at night.

If you’re interested in helping, CLICK HERE.