Community comes together for grieving family

Loved one lost in July's devastating storms

POSTED: 11:43 PM EDT Jul 20, 2013    UPDATED: 11:58 PM EDT Jul 20, 2013 
Roanoke, VA. -

The community came together Saturday to help a family left behind after their loved one died during this month's destructive storms.

A fundraiser was held at Star City Skate Center to honor Craig Ricker.
Ricker died battling flood waters at his home on July 4th. He left behind his wife Sara and three young step-sons. Ricker's family says tonight's event is helping with the healing process.

"Craig was a wonderful, loving man. A good father to the boys, irreplaceable. My family and I are experiencing the most difficult times of our lives. And to have a fundraiser and people come out and show support, it's a huge help," Ricker's widow Sara Stein, told Your Hometown News Leader.

The skate center donated 50-percent of the proceeds to Ricker's family.
Barn Cat Buddies and Angels of Assisi also donated items for the silent auction.