Volunteers at the Clifton Forge Area Food Pantry are always busy.
Usually, they're handing out food.
On this day, that food is going to the dump, not hungry families.

Saturday morning, an electrical fire in some baseboard heating destroyed one of six buildings used by the food bank.

"There was thousands of dollars lost over there in food. And, we were just feeling comfortable to where when they come in we don't have to worry we have no food," says Debbie West.

Non- perishable were kept in the building. Things like cans, glass and boxes. And, the items aren't charred, but they are damaged by smoke and water and can't be given to needy families.

Food Pantry President Debbie West says about 500-families visit the facility right now and that number is growing every week.

"It's very much is a lifeline for a lot of families here and we make em feel like family when they come and they know that," says West.

Manuela Williams is one of those people.

"It comes in handy when you're just like two weeks away from your paycheck or a couple of days away from your paycheck. It helps out a lot," explains Williams.

And, the residents of this small town seem to realize how much the agency does help.
Since Saturday morning, donations of food and money have been pouring in.
An answer to West's prayers.

Says West, "I'm overjoyed. I mean, my stress level has dropped considerably."

Now volunteers are working to get it sorted and ready for the people who will surely need it.

The town of Clifton Forge owns the buildings used by the Food Pantry.

The town manager tells WDBJ7, the building will eventually be removed.

In the meantime, the town has given the food bank another building to use.

If you'd like to help you can call: 540.958.8014.