1/20/14, 5:25p.m.

Saturday's fundraiser at the Botetourt Athletic Club raised more than $600.

Another fundraising event for Wyrick is set for Saturday at Fincastle Volunteer Fire Department.

This one will be a boot camp workout.

It starts at 10 a-m.

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Everyday they serve the community, now the community is rallying around one member of law enforcement when she needs it the most.

Saturday, Botetourt Athletic Club hosted a fundraiser for Deputy Kim Saunders Wyrick.

Wyrick is 39-year-old and was recent diagnosed with breast cancer.

So, friends, family and complete strangers are sounding the alarm to help.

Shirts and stickers that read: "224," and "Code 27" are for sale.

The numbers hold special significance- in law enforcement: "Code 27" means an officer needs assistance, while "224" is Kim's ID number.

"The Botetourt Athletic Club being Carilion based is very community oriented. We like to reach out when we can and assist anybody we possibly can for someone in Botetourt County, especially someone who serves our community 24-7 to keep us safe is very important to us," explains Kim Treadway, group exercise manager at the BAC.

Deputy Wyrick is set to undergo surgery Monday.

She's been with the Botetourt County Sheriff's Office for the last decade.

She's mom to a 5-year-old boy.