It's been 24 hours since a jury in Nelson County found Randy Taylor guilty of kidnapping and killing Alexis Murphy.

Residents living in Lovingston said reality is finally starting to set in that Murphy is dead, but they are not giving up the search for her.

There's finally a feeling of relief in Nelson County.

"I was shocked at how fast it went to trial and how quickly it was over,” said Ashlynn Watson. “I didn't think the jury would come back that soon."

There are still so many unanswered questions when it comes to figuring out what exactly happened to Murphy the day she went missing.

"I just hope they find the body just so they can get that put that behind them and get back to peace," said Craig Compton.

It's been a rough nine months for not only the Murphy family, but the community as well.

"Even if you didn't know Alexis, I think you still felt a strong tie to her and her family and the case,” said Watson.

The support has been strong since August, but just one day after the jury handed down a guilty verdict, some businesses pulled the missing posters from storefronts. Murphy's death has hit hard in the small town of Lovingston, but some said it's a lesson to be learned for young teens everywhere.

"This is Lovingston,” said resident Barbara Thompson. “The town is a mile long and it happened here, so it can happen anywhere."

Those who live in the area are refusing to give up hope and are waiting for the day when Taylor acknowledges his actions and comes clean with the full story.

"I wish he would come forward now since he's been found guilty and there's no way he is going to get around that I wish he would come forward and tell them what they did with the body,” said Watson.

Taylor will be sentenced on July 23 in Nelson County.