Gun laws in neighboring North Carolina are changing next month.

The new law allows people with a concealed weapons permit to bring guns into bars, restaurants and on school property.

In comparison, Virginia law is very clear and detailed about what types of weapons are allowed at school.

If a gun, say a rifle, is unloaded and in a closed container in your car or in a rack inside your car, you're safe.

That's only part of what's allowed. Pittsylvania County School Resource Officer Harris Silverman takes the law very literal.

"If I have a rifle or some kind of unloaded gun in my trunk and I'm on school grounds am I going to get arrested?" I asked, standing at the back of an SUV with the tailgate up.

"In this trunk, absolutely yes," Silverman said. "By definition of the code, it states that if you have an unloaded rifle locked in a closed container inside the vehicle it would be legal to come into the parking lot. As there is not ability to close a container in here I would say this does not fit the definition of the code, and would be illegal and you would be charged with having a weapon on school property."

"So it really matters what type of car you have?" I asked.

"I think it matters what you're able to determine as lock-ability and what you classify as a container," Silverman said.

He classifies a container as an enclosed space that's only obtainable by lock and key. He says if he can clearly see it through a window he's going to question you.

Virginia law allows people with a concealed handgun permit that have a gun visible, to come on school grounds only if they stay in a car.
You can take weapons inside the building for some school sponsored events that are part of an approved curriculum. It also allows any law enforcement officer to bring weapons on campus.

North Carolina's new laws are very similar.
Starting October first, concealed-carry permit holders are allowed to keep a gun in a secured part of their car on school campuses.

It's detailed and sometimes sticky in court. Officer Silverman says it's better to leave it at home.

"I would definitely discourage them from even taking the weapon out of the house and bringing it with them," Silverman said.

We did some checking and found out Virginia gun owners with concealed weapon permits can take those guns across the state line.

North Carolina is one of several states that has a formal written reciprocal agreement with Virginia that makes it legal.

Click here for a link to Virginia laws about guns on school property.