While the weather early next week could be dicey, we're shaping up for a nice weekend.   

But if you're planning on spending part of it outside, the government shutdown may change  your plans.

As a general rule of thumb, the national parks are closed and the national forests are open.

Basically, if you have to pay admission to park or get in somewhere, it will be closed.

Technically, places like the Appalachian Trail are closed because there's no one staffing or volunteering along the trail, but there's nothing prohibiting people from hiking. 

Saturday is the first day of Bow-Hunting season in Virginia.

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says all the necessary enforcement officers are still working.

There are nearly two-million acres of hunting land in the state on federal forest service land; that will all stay open and hunting season can begin as normal.

"The last two or three days it has been a real big issue because a lot of people do hunt the national forest lands," said Rob Whittaker, "There would have been a lot of people that would not have been able to hunt."

You will see some entrances and access roads blocked to some of these areas, but again, if it's a national forest it's technically open for hiking or hunting.

All Virginia State Parks and Virginia hunting reserves are not affected by the shutdown.