The new Franklin County Free Clinic will soon open. Crews are finishing up some of the construction on the new 7,500 square foot facility.

“That means we'll have more treatment rooms for our patients. It also means that we're going to have types of services that we haven't had in the past,” said Culbertson.

A million dollar donation from Betty and Guy Beatty is making this project possible. When the new clinic opens the hope is to expand its hours. The clinic would like to expand its dental services to weekly appointments. Currently the clinic only sees patients twice a month for dental services.

“In addition we could also offer, we may expand into mental health care, because that's a big topic, is we've been hearing,” said Culbertson.

Without the clinic, many of their patients would go without treatments. Some patients can't afford insurance and others can't afford a hospital visit.

The new clinic will have a laboratory for blood samples, the current facility doesn’t. When the new facility opens the hope is to expand its hours.

“Right now we're only open Monday through Thursday and I would also like to expend also to be open for Friday and even on Saturdays. It's whatever the needs of the community is,” said Clinic Executive Director, Alise Culbertson.

The hope is the clinic will open sometime in May.