A Dublin doctor will hang up her stethoscope and spend the next 33 months in prison.

After two days of testimony, a judge sentenced Dr. Linda Cheek for illegally writing prescriptions and distributing pain drugs.

She was found guilty of 172 charges in February.

Even though it's been eight months since she was convicted, Dr. Cheek adamantly claims she is innocent.

She did not testify at her trial but was sworn in several times Monday and spent Tuesday addressing the judge and the court.

Over the course of the two-day hearing, Dr. Cheek's history was laid out for the court.

In 2008, she was found guilty of health care fraud, and her license was revoked.

That license was reinstated in 2009, but at that point she was still waiting for her DEA certification.

That certification is necessary to write prescriptions for pain medication.

A jury found a doctor in the practice, Dr. Kathy Schultz, signed the prescription, but they were actually written by Cheek. Dr. Cheek claims pain management was not her practice, it was Schultz's.

In addition to time for the 172 charges, Dr. Cheek also received time for breaking probation in connection to her 2008 sentencing.

She admitted she visited witnesses who testified at her trial, including Schultz. But she says she didn't realize staying away from witnesses was still a part of her bond.

Cheek was taken into custody after sentencing. She has to pay a $13,000 special assessment, which is a fine.

Once she serves her time, she'll be under five years of supervised probation and have to undergo mental health counseling.

She will also not be able to practice medicine or work in any office that has prescription drugs.


Former Dublin pain doctor Linda Cheek will serve 33 months in federal prison.

Cheek was sentenced Tuesday in Roanoke federal court.

She will also serve five years of post-release supervision. Cheek also was ordered to undergo mental health counseling in prison and after being released from prison.

Cheek's sentencing hearing began Monday morning.

She was found guilty in February on 172 counts of distributing prescription medicine, such as oxycodone and hyrdrocodone, without proper registration from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Just last week, Cheek was accused of intimidating witnesses and trying to get them to recant their testimony. Cheek received 27 months in prison for the 172 drug-related counts. She was also sentenced to 12 months in prison for witness intimidation, with six of the 12 months to be served concurrently.


Original story from Oct. 18 by WDBJ7's Chris Hurst

A Dublin pain doctor awaiting sentencing in Federal court for giving out prescriptions for Schedule II, III and IV controlled medications is now accused of intimidating witnesses to recant testimony.