Co-sleeping is the number one reason infants die, and we're learning two babies in Roanoke have lost their lives because of it.

"It’s so sad because its preventable,” said Jill Lucas with Safe Kids Southwest Virginia.

The last thing any parent wants to do is be responsible for the death of their own child.

"It's horrible. I mean, I can't imagine what those parents are going through to know you had something to do with your child's death," said mother Lauren Wood.

Investigators with the Roanoke City Police Department said two infants have been killed in their own homes since the New Year started because of co-sleeping.

"It's not motor vehicle crashes. It's not drowning. The number one reason infants die is unsafe sleep environments and being placed on their stomachs,” said Lucas.

Experts say books and classes warn new parents of the dangers, but not every parent takes the issue seriously.

"It can happen to anybody. Any age, any social economic level because all of us think it will never happen to us and it only just takes a couple minutes and that one wrong decision,” she said.

Wood is a producer at WDBJ7 and new to motherhood. She said the topic of co-sleeping came up with her husband quite often before her baby was born.

"Our habits as parents didn't work out for that,” she said. “My husband is all over the place when he sleeps at night so we just knew it wasn't going to be a safe thing for us."

Co-sleeping is only part of a very big problem, according to Lucas.

Experts say infants not only belong in a crib, but in one that has no extra bedding or toys. They also say parents need to be educated and need to acknowledge the worst can happen, and the last thing anyone wants to be is another statistic.

"We try to prevent anyone from getting into that position,” said Lucas.

An investigator at the Roanoke City Police Department told WDBJ7 that very few details could be released on the deaths due to the nature of the cases.

Both of the co-sleeping infant deaths are still under investigation at this point.

The first death reportedly happened on New Year’s Day. The most recent happened this past weekend.

The police department saw one death due to co-sleeping in 2013.

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