Roanoke city leaders are waiting a few more weeks until they make any changes to an ordinance that regulates skateboarding within the city limits.

The current city code was written in the 1970’s and is currently used to control the use of skateboards within public parks or plaza.

Roanoke City Police Chief Chris Perkins said the ordinance is too vague and doesn’t directly address skateboarding.

Perkins said the issue was brought to his attention after the Elmwood Park amphitheater was completed.

He said there's been thousands of dollars worth of damage to the new facility. His officers have managed to ticket some of the offenders, but he said there’s been problems with prosecuting them within a courtroom.

"Elmwood has sparked that and I think rightfully so because there was a tremendous amount of damage down there but I don't think the intent was to damage,” he said. “These young men and ladies and juveniles their intent was to have fun."

Perkins said some judges have found loop holes with the ordinance and that’s made it hard to hold people responsible for the damage.

"Skateboarding is in the ordinance but it's an interpretive situation,” said Perkins.

City leaders tabled the vote on whether to amend the ordinance or not Tuesday night.

They've asked staff to do some research and come back with new recommendations for a meeting in March.