A city in the Alleghany Highlands is hoping to make itself more attractive to businesses and bring in jobs.

Monday, it was announced Covington will rejoin the Roanoke Regional Partnership.

The partnership is made up of 6-other localities and helps facilitate business development and expand industry.

The city left the organization back in 2009.

The city manager says he thinks teaming with the group will be a good thing for Covington and the people who live there.

"It's the people that make it special and we want our young people to have a job here when they get to that point and are looking for a job. And, we want to see that special avenue grow, so jobs are key to keeping our families and our people here and giving them a wonderful quality of life," explains JB Broughman, Covington City Manager.

Covington will pay approximately 12-thousand dollars a year to rejoin the partnership.

The city manager says that money will come from the city's general fund.