ROANOKE Co., Va. -

Residents in one Roanoke County neighborhood are being warned about coyotes.

People in Hunting Hills have reported increased sightings of the animals in the area and are being warned to stay away.

There are a couple of theories floating around regarding why the number of sightings have gone up.

The main suspicion is the sightings have gone up because of new developments popping up in the area between Starkey Road and Route 220.   

There has also been some development within Hunting Hills that's led to a loss of habitat.  Coyotes are generally nocturnal and try to avoid humans.

However, the Hunting Hills golf course has taken it upon itself to try and get rid of them.  Five of them have been trapped since June.

"Haven't had anyone that's had a dangerous experience or encounter with them, they are kind of minding their own business, staying out of the way, but we don't really want them around our golf course because of the danger that they could propose," said Cole Rosen, the Assistant General Manager of Hunting Hills.

The biggest concern in the neighborhood is that the coyotes can look like dogs and people don't want kids to approach them.   

The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries considers them nuisance animals and there's no Kill Permit required to shoot them if they're posing a threat.

To keep them away, Game and Inland Fisheries say to beware of the food sources.

If there's a bird feeder that drops seed, that attracts field mice, which in turn attracts the coyotes.

Also, try to put your trashcan out the morning of and don't put pet food outside.