CRAIG CO., Va. -

The community is helping Craig County schools get ready for the new school year.

Facing a tight budget, the school system is relying on volunteers and school leaders to do the bulk of renovations.

They are replacing hundreds of lights and ceiling tiles, redoing bathrooms and painting several classrooms.

Melinda Huffman is a teacher and enlisted her cousin, aunt and father to help her re-paint her classroom.

She says this is a lot of hard work for a people to do on their own time, but that it shows the strength of the community.

"I think it's the community that we live in," Huffman said, "I think it's really important.  When you need help, your neighbors help you, and it's the same thing here. You need help at the school,  and we asked for volunteers, and people will show up and do the work."

School maintenance staff and Amp, a Roanoke-based electrical contractor are doing most of the electrical work.