CRAIG CO., Va. -

On this hump day, a story of love, loss and a few bumps along the way.

"He was extremely popular," Craig County Schools Superintendent Kelly Wilmore said.

"He became sort of an attraction over there," said Gary Wright.

There are plenty of views and plenty of farms in Craig County.

But the view at Gary Wright's White Oak Hill Farm, is a little different.

"Who else has got camels?" Wright said.

Wright got Clyde the Camel four years ago for no reason better than, "I've always wanted a camel."

Wright fell in love with Clyde, and so did Craig County, "He was just like part of the family."

"Clyde had a great personality, he was very kid-friendly, the kids loved to be able to pet him, to feed him," Wilmore added.

"Well, he was pretty nice and stuff, so, I really liked him," said first grader Maggie Mays.

Early last month, Wright noticed something wrong with Clyde.

The vet said he had an abdominal issue.  Clyde had to be put down.

"It was like the school had lost its pet or something," Wilmore said.

"I was sad," Jace McPherson, another first grader, said.

Wilmore said he had tons of kids crying after they heard the news.

Maggie Mays was one of them. "Why'd you cry? Why were you so upset?" we asked her, "I loved him," she replied.

Clyde meant so much to the kids, they made a sympathy card to give to the Wright's to say sorry.

Jace McPherson lives near the Wrights.

He made his own card.

A devastated community will move on.  And there's a good chance Otis Camel, the Wright's brand new pet, is the reason why.

Wright is a big fan of the Andy Griffith Show, he says the name Otis was inspired by Otis Campbell, a character on the show.

The Wright's got Otis about a week after Clyde passed away and he's already becoming a huge hit here in town.

"It's rare to have an animal like that in any community, especially a rural community like ours," said Kelly Wilmore.

People in Craig County are already streaming back to the Wright's farm to meet Otis; feed him bread and carrots like they used to with Clyde.

If nothing else, he's fun to watch and, "He's new and good," Jace McPherson said.

While Otis may never fully fill the void left behind by Clyde,

"He's coming along. He's still not Clyde, you know? Still not Clyde," Gary Wright said.