Some people are finally getting the chance to get out of the house.

As of Thursday night, the snowfall stopped in Roanoke and officials believe black ice will be a big problem in the overnight hours.

Most people walked out of their front doors to find their cars completely covered in snow.

"I was shocked," said Nelson Castellanos. "I was just stuck. I was stuck more than my car was stuck."

Castellanos had no choice but to grab a shovel and get to work.

"It's beautiful out here, but you see my car, I've been shoveling since 12 this afternoon and now I'm trying finish before it freezes over, so hopefully I can make it to work tomorrow."

But some of Castellanos' neighbors had something else in mind when it came to their Thursday night.

"I did some tricks on this ramps around here pretty cool," said Allen Martin.

The 11-year-old Martin grabbed a sled instead and headed for the hills.

"It's pretty slick," he said. "Pretty good to go down. Earlier it was really mushy it wasn't good, but now it's real slick."

Many of the roadways in Roanoke are also becoming slick because of the dropping temperatures.

Crews plan to work overnight now that the accumulation has stopped.

"It was snowing so hard we couldn't hardly see part of the time so it slowed up our progress tremendously," said Brent Bowman.

Bowman and his crew are in charge of clearning the parking lot at Tanglewood Mall. He said they have a long night ahead of them.

"We would like to get it cleaned off before it freezes, but I don't know that can happen there's a lot left yet."