It might look pretty, but ice strikes a chill in the hearts of area power companies.

"When we hear ice storm, snow storm, any kind of storm but espeically ice storms we get very concerned," explains Manager of Finance and Member Services Dave Clinton.

Clinton with BARC electric says extra powers crews were brought in to deal with the storm.
28-men and their equipment helped to double BARC's work force on the ground.
At its height, 900-customers were in the dark.

"The ice can cause a lot of problems with tree. Ice forms on trees. Trees branches break off. Trees can come over, they can come into the power lines," says Clinton.

And, ice on the line can also damage the lines themselves.
The weight of it can actually snap them.
In this case, BARC officials are thankful the storm didn't hit the area as hard as they expected.
But, they say they'll be ready for next time.