Ken Cuccinelli says he's not paying back gifts received from a major political donor.

This comes after Governor Bob McDonnell apologized and promised to pay back more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of gifts to donors.

"Oh there's no refuse, there's nothing to give back," Cuccinelli said.

Thursday, he stopped in Southern Virginia during his Growing Virginia Jobs and Opportunity tour and met with job creators and voters.

He's centering this tour on green energy but reminding Virginia he's open for conversation about his past, particularly $18,000 in gifts from a big political donor, the CEO of Star Scientific.

Cuccinelli reportedly received private jet trips, vacation lodging at a Smith Mountain Lake home and a $1,500 Thanksgiving Dinner.

He admits he accepted the gifts and says he can't give them back.

"I think every elected official in Virginia has, and we've reported all of them. I missed five," Cuccinelli said.

Governor Bob McDonnell has promised to pay back personal gifts and $125,000 in loans from the same political donor.

Both the governor and Cuccinelli say they've broke no laws and done nothing ethically wrong.

WDBJ7 asked Cuccinelli why he's not following the governor's lead.

"I started the investigation at the state level of the governor's gift situation and uh, when I discovered my own mistakes, I'm the one who brought them forward. I handed them over to a democratic prosecutor who cleared me," Cuccinelli said. "I think we now have the political wherewithal together in our whole political community to start getting more transparency in gifts and I think you're going to see a good chance in getting caps and the elimination of certain kinds of gifts and I support that."

By staying, what he calls "transparent" about his financial past, he says gives him a more trusting relationship with voters.