Cuccinelli touts education proposal during campaign visit to Roanoke Valley

Democrats label Republican proposal "a dangerous plan" that would divert funds from public schools

POSTED: 08:22 PM EDT Oct 08, 2013    UPDATED: 10:53 PM EDT Oct 08, 2013 
Ken Cuccinelli Republican Candidate for Governor at Roanoke education forum

Ken Cuccinelli says he's fighting "a one size fits all" approach to public education.

And when he sat down in Roanoke with a group that included local educators, he found agreement on the need for reforms to the state's Standards of Learning tests.

Lorraine Lange is Superintendent of Roanoke County Public Schools. "And I hope if you become Governor you will listen to us afterwards," she told Cuccinelli Tuesday afternoon.

A group that has had similar conversations with Democrat Terry McAulliife also shared concerns about funding for public education, a point Virginia Democrats highlighted in a written statement.

 "What his proposal really means is that communities across Virginia would be starved of critical funding streams for education," said Virginia Democratic Party Spokesperson Brian Coy, "and Cuccinelli's dangerous plan would divert funds away from public schools toward private institutions."

Cuccinelli said his goal is to grow the economy, so the state has more budget flexibility, and he questioned whether Democrat Terry McAuliffe can deliver on his promises.

"I would point out that my opponent has proposed $3 1/2 billion of spending a year that he hasn't explained how it would be paid for," Cuccinelli said, "so he's blowing up the budget with his proposals."