These kids have been practicing for month to keep the beat, hit their marks and wow the crowd.

"We've preparing for about 4 or 5 months. We've been practicing in our school gym everyday - every Wednesday with our class. And, each class has their own class dance," explains Highland Park 4th grader Ford Beasley.

Thursday night, the work of each of those four-different schools will come together in one show for "Dance Espanol."

Yes, the students are learning some dance steps and a little Spanish.
But, Artistic Director Pedro Szalay says lessons learned on this stage circle back to the classroom.

"Focus this year, I'm doing a wonderful collaboration with the Taubman Museum because it's a part of the SOLs - the Virginia studies. This year with the Virginia studies we're talking about regions, the lines, the shapes, the forms where we are located," explains Szalay.

This is the second year Roanoke City schools have partnered with the Southwest Virginia Ballet to put on the event.

While all the students are at different levels.
The kids say Szalay makes it fun.

"His motto is: It's okay to mess up. You're just here to have fun. It's also my motto when it comes to dance here and outside of dance. Pedro is like another family member to me!" says Highland Park student Sydney Light.

In addition to incorporating history, fine arts and Spanish - there's also an exercise aspect to this as well.

Dance Espanol's - "Adventures in the Art Museum" is happening at William Fleming High School on Thursday night at 7o'clock.