Some dancers from our region will be in a major spotlight.

The Studio 45 dancers from the Roanoke Valley will perform in front of thousands of people at the Orange Bowl in Miami in two weeks.

Parents and dancers filled the studio in Vinton tonight. They learned some new steps and are getting pumped for the upcoming performance.

The studio found out over the summer that they were invited to dance at the big game.

The studio is honored, but now they're focused on putting in the hard work to pull it off.

"There's some different stuff that goes into it. Obviously, we're on a big football field. They're not going to get to be right next to their friends like they normally are. It's going to be a lot for them but they're really, really excited," instructor Ryan Ramos told Your Hometown News Leader.

The lucky dancers will perform at half time as Ohio State takes on Clemson, January 3rd.