SALEM, Va. -

The chances for brush fires are high this week.

The regional office of the Department of Forestry in Salem rated Wednesday 4 out of 5 on the fire danger scale.

That's only happened a handful of times in the past few decades, according to forester Chris Thomsen. But the humidity was low and the winds were high Wednesday.  It's not the lush green land in the valleys foresters are worried about; it's the mountain tops that are still brown.

"You get halfway up and it looks like winter time again," says Thomsen, "And that would be the real danger where the canopy is not close to "leaf-out" and even here in the valley, we won't be full "leaf-out" in the valley for a couple more weeks.

More than a thousand acres have burned in Virginia since Sunday. But conditions are expected to get better in the coming days and the threat level will go down.