Summer time heat is no joking matter when someone is inside a hot car. Last week there were reports from Florida, Michigan, and Connecticut of heat-related deaths and illnesses.

“We just want to remind folks never, ever leave their children in the car, not even for a minute. That's our motto not even for a minute,” said Roanoke Fire Prevention Specialist Tiffany Bradbury.

Bradbury says not under any circumstance should you leave children in a vehicle.

“I know it's hard, I have three kids and would be so much easier sometimes to run into the store and grab a soda without them, but it's not best practice,” said Bradbury.

It only takes minutes in the heat of the day for a vehicle to reach 125 degrees, according to Bradbury. It's precious minutes that can be the difference between life and death. Babies can't compensate for the heat as well as adults.

“I want parents to know never say never, you never want to say that. You here that all the time, how could you possibly forget your child. How many of us have and our schedule changes and we forget our turn,” said Bradbury.

As the summer months continue to grow hotter, you might want to take a second look in the back seat.

One of the ways you can remember that a child is inside of the car is by using a stuff animal. You can put the stuff animal in the car seat before putting the child inside. Grab the stuff animal once the child is safely in the car seat, and it put in the front passenger seat. It’s to help remind you that the child is still in his or her seat.