A business owner wants Danville to have a new distinction.

Wayne Allen owns the Historic North Theatre and he is asking for support to officially call a section of North Main Street the Theatre and Arts District.

The area has several churches, an art gallery, homes, a store, and is getting a new Thai restaurant.

Allen plans to present his plans to Danville City Council to get the designation.

A clean up of the area is schedule for next Saturday. Here's more info from Allen:

The Historic North Theatre’s owner Wayne Alan has organized property owners, business owners, churches and residents of the North Main Area to start a renewal project. The plan is to revitalize the area and turn it into the Theatre & Arts District. It would go up North Main Street from the Dan River to Moffett Baptist Church and the old Woodrow Wilson School (That is hoped will reopen as a performing arts school as proposed by the superintendent of schools.) Hopefully the sense of renewal will be contagious and spread throughout the streets of the North Main area and the rest of Danville.

Their first activity will be the Saturday, May 3, 2014-Clean Up Day. This is the kick off day that the City of Danville is sponsoring a Clean Up, Fix Up, and Paint Up campaign in May. During this month, citizens are encouraged to take advantage of incentives from the city to clean up their properties and neighborhoods. For the North Main area the group is contributing or raising around $1000.00 (The theatre will put in $100.00) for paint and other materials. Volunteers are needed and wanted from 9:00 AM to early afternoon. Please come to The Historic North Theatre at 629 North Main Street. They want to accomplish the following:

-Litter clean up
-Plant trees and gardens at the triangle-get the city and garden clubs to help
-Minor repair and paint some of the facades of businesses & houses on North Main-sort of how the TV show Curb Appeal does.

Then throughout the rest of this year and into the future they will continue the above and also add:

-Have the city officially designate the area as The Theatre & Arts District. Have banners on the light posts of North Main proclaiming it as such. Signs on the streets around Danville directing people to the Theatre & Arts District.
-Start to add pieces of sculpture placed throughout the area-maybe by famous artist Bob Cage of South Boston. The entrance to the theatre parking lot already has one of Mr. Cage’s pieces.
-Have murals painted on buildings.
-Begin to attract artsy shops, studios and boutiques. Maybe add a small museum or two. The Moon River Thai Restaurant in the theatre complex will be open in the very near future.
-Small tourism kiosk or Welcome Center at the triangle
-Danville/Virginia Walk of Fame

If we get together as a community we can make a big difference. We would like you to join us in helping to make this a reality. Will you join us? Call Wayne Alan at the theatre to offer your help. Please phone 434-793-SHOW (7469). Thanks in advance for your support.