Danville, Va. -

The road sign Water Street isn't supposed to be a warning, but it lived up to its name last month.

Not only was the street under water, part Mount Carmel Baptist Church was too.

"Four or five feet don't look like much, but four or five feet can do a lot of damage and here's the evidence," said John Venable motioning to a pile of kitchen equipment, and cans of food now ruined.

The flash flood swept through the church's basement, wiping out its fellowship hall and Reverend James Stewart's office.

"Desk, two chairs, like the one you see over there," said Stewart pointing to a big couch covered in dirt sitting near a pile of trashed books. "I lost about $700 worth of books probably."

He's preached at the church for 28 years.
Just the thought and constant reminders of lost history is wearing on the congregation.

"It has kind of gotten to a lot of us," Stewart said. "Everything that we wanted to do we can't do it. Anniversaries, we can't do them. We had two deaths, can't have the repass here."

A creek flows beside the church and is a good 13 or 14 feet below the level of the parking lot. That night it rose above these banks, across the parking lot and into the church's basement."

The flood turned the parking lot into a lake and ruined the church van.
It's happened before. In 2007 the water burst down the doors, but members had time to move stuff to higher ground.
This time there was no warning.

"This was the food bank. We had a freezer here, one freezer here, one freezer there and a freezer there," said Associate Pastor James Scales.

This was the church's biggest loss. The food bank helps 60 families every month.

"We lost it all. The water destroyed it. There was over 150 cases of can foods here," Scales said. "We lost the power, so the food in the freezer went bad."

There are thousands of dollars worth of damage and thousands more the church needs to repair. Flood insurance will help, but priceless treasures are gone forever.

"I'm still looking to the Lord. I believe the Lord can do anything," Stewart said.