The Danville Courthouse Postal Station is closed until further notice after the building failed a safety and health inspection.

Effective Monday, customers will have to pick up their mail from the Danville Main Office at 105 Teal Court.

The post office says the building failed the inspection because of suspected lead-based paint that was used. During the inspection, chipping paint was found in back rooms. The rooms hadn’t been painted since the 1970s, so post office officials believe lead-based paint was used.

The post office is bringing in crews to fix the problem, but it’s still not clear yet how long it will take to fix.

This has no effect on collection or delivery and people still have the same box number but that's not reassuring for some customers.

"I hope it's not closed for long. Not long at all because I like this post office. It's very convenient to downtown. This should be the main post office, this is downtown Danville. I don't get this," said Tammy Bradley who lives near the post office.

According to a notice posted on the building, all mail and parcels will be removed from the building Monday. No change of address is required at this time for Post Office Box Addresses.

Danville Courthouse Postal Station

This notice was posted on a window Monday at the Danville Courthouse Postal Station.