Two entire blocks in Danville are nearly full of houses built for people in need.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers just finished one home and have plans for many more in and around one street.

Hughes Street has the most habitat homes in Danville.

So far the group has built or renovated five homes on this street and plans to build two more.

One house was just dedicated this month. Another is waiting for an owner and land is ready for the next projects.

It's convenient to the organizations headquarters which is on Hughes Street but the director says there is a reason the group is focused on neighboring properties here.

"They can relate to each other and they can also begin to change the nature of the neighborhood. Homeowners have a greater investment in their community so they take better care of it, they watch out for it, so they begin to see the neighborhood change," said Michael Parsons, the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Danville and Pittsylvania County.

Many of the properties were donated to Habitat.

Right now the group is waiting for more funding before continuing with the Hughes Street Project.

Habitat welcomes more volunteers and donations to help pay for the next house. The houses are for low income families that need financial guidance.

The organization is working on a Habitat Village in the city which is an entire neighborhood of houses built and sponsored by local businesses.